After 更多的 than 75 years in business 和 hundreds of installations worldwide, we still get excited when we demonstrate 澳门银河国际在线网址搅拌机 ability for homogenous powder mixing granulating  in a single batch operation.  With an average batch runtime under ten minutes for most applications, 澳门银河国际在线网址搅拌机 ability to granulate produces high on size yields in a repeatable 和 predictable process.     These “one-step mix-granulate” processes are utilized across a wide variety of applications including the production of 肥料, technical ceramics, lightweight aggregates, beneficial re-use of waste, 更多的.

A typical Mix-造球 Cycle looks like this:

  1. Feed dry ingredients into mixer from weigh hopper(s)
  2. Dry mix 和 de-lump
    1. The de-lumping capability means the raw material does not have to be dry
  3. Add liquid or binder from separate weigh hopper(s)
  4. Wet mix 和 pellet formation
    1. Dusting (optional – to stop pellet growth 和 clumping)
  5. 放电

So, how is a mixer able to granulate powder?   First, the rotor agitates the mix while the counter-current rotation of the pan itself quickly creates a homogenous mix of wet 和 dry ingredients inside the pan.  Continued mixing at high intensities for time pre-determined from 实验室测试 imparts highly intense energy to the mixture resulting in rapid homogenization.  The shearing forces created by the counter rotating pan 和 rotor creates a st和ing wave like action in the mixing pan.   As the particles tumble they agglomerate similar to rolling snowball, until specifications for size 和 shape are met.  The pellets are then completely discharged through the bottom of the mixer so a new batch of ingredients can be fed through the top for another run.  By controlling the variables for ingredients, time 和 tooling speed, the Lancaster Mixer can produce consistent repeatable results batch after batch.

Each step is programmed 和 PLC控制, requires very little operator attention, produces consistent product properties batch after batch.  A number of factors can be adjusted to influence granule/pellet characteristics including rotor design, 转子转速, direction 和 granulation time, 锅速.  另外, optimization of raw materials such as powder size, 粘结剂类型, dry:liquid ingredient ratio can enhance pellet properties.

Our technical staff has extensive experience testing a wide range of materials that have been commissioned over the years, so we can guide proof of concept testing using a smaller lab-scale mixer on-site at Lancaster Products. .  Recipes established during 实验室测试 can be scaled up for production volumes 和 are optimized when machinery is installed.

澳门银河国际在线网址 to schedule a visit to our test lab where you can see the mix-pelletize process at work with your own materials.